Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Friday!

Yay another long weekend is upon us! Even better is the warm temperatures we've been having in NYC (we're hitting 60 66 F today). It won't last because more snow is supposedly on the way, but believe that I'm going to take full advantage of this spring tease. Who knows? I might even dare to bust out my jacket.

What would your DIY glitter garland say?
Talk about sweet packaging.
A lonely gnome's life in NYC. (via Swissmiss)
I now have a crush on all of Rob Ryan's goodies.
Goodness! And I thought my handwriting was pretty okay. (Here's more stellar calligraphy.)
Get your daily dose of compliments. (via Polli, a cute blog I just discovered!)
What kind of Cupid would you need?
Yup, pretty sure this is how Anthropologie comes up with their stuff.
Imagine living in a house full of shelves. I like the different elevations, but it's really just too much.
The "Students for Free Culture Conference 2011" is in NYC on Saturday. Anyone attending?


  1. The only Cupid I need is a chocolate one. The same type I gave to my basketballers on Vday.

    I love that shelf house. I could live there. Alone.

    The weather is a tease. I agree. But I have things to get done and I will do them. Today. One of them includes forwarding along a gifting project that unfortunately life dominated and pushed aside. I am terrible, but prepared to follow through today. And I know where I'm going to do it. How exciting!

  2. I hope you get plenty of that nice weather to enjoy before the snow comes back!

  3. I hope you are enjoying this "near spring" like day this weekend!!


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