Sunday, February 13, 2011

So Many Valentine's Day Goodies

We're actually not doing much again. Last year, I invited him over for dinner a couple days before and he surprised me with tulips. Then we spent V-day walking around SoHo and going into random shops while I was still fighting "I was dumped on Valentine's Day" thoughts (not no more!). This time we're just attending a writing group meeting with friends after work followed by wine, chocolates and perhaps a little game of Spin-the-Bottle. And that's totally fine with me (yes, even the part where we might kiss other people). We had such a wonderful day yesterday and so many before that one, that tomorrow really will be "just another day."

*Gag* huh?

We're not exchanging gifts or anything, but if I could, I'd buy/make/cook all these sweet things below (well maybe all except for the anti-Valentine):

Cloud 9 handmade valentine.
British romantic poetry letterpress note card set.
Valentine's greeting kites. (via Bloesem Kids)
Choco bowls of love.
Exponential love note.
Je t'aime coffee cup wrappers. (via How About Orange)
Origami heart valentines.
Crappy Suckentine's Day card. (Hey, I've been there.)
Sweetheart tea.
DIY valentine luminaries, cupid's arrow cupcakes and treat bag toppers.
Chocolate cupcakes with flaming strawberries. (I've been dying to make these!)
Do you go together like nerds and glasses, mustaches and creeps or Bob Ross and happy little trees?

Now, I have to go get ready for this evening. Mom's been sweet enough to invite us, the sis and her bf over for a Valentine's Day dinner! So tell me, what do you guys have planned for your "just another day?"



  1. Cards, take-away, and... Well, that's basically it, actually. ;)

  2. Sounds like an awesome V-Day to me.


  3. And I'm sure it'll be an interesting one no matter what :p


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