Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Uplifting Dreams

It's another short and artsy post right after the last one, but when I came across Maia Flore's "Sleep Elevation" photo collection, I just couldn't resist. What I wouldn't give for soaring dreams like these! (via A Beautiful Mess)



  1. People are so creative, but I have to say...the two on the right look more like alien abductions. I'm good with the left ones....I think the bottom left is my favorite "to be".

  2. Funny, the two on the left look a little exorcist to me, I like the right side ones and my fave would be the bottom right.

    Why are we friends again? :p

  3. I keep looking at these and thinking ... where are the dead ladies floating off to??? and then it hits me - these "out of body" scenes are really clever.

    :) I like the upper right one best (ain't I contrary?)


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