Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Anatomy of a Cupcake

I know the cupcake obsession is slowly getting old, but in my attempts to hold onto it for as long as possible, here's a creative print I just stumbled upon.

And with a certain festive gathering at the end of the week, I'm brainstorming some fun mini cupcake ideas to fuel guests in between all the spaztastic dancing. I was thinking of drawing little music notes into the icing and making tiny G clef cupcake toppers. Or maybe topping white frosting with crushed Oreo crumbs and dicing Snickers bars to sit atop a little mountain of milk chocolate icing. Sunday night I even dreamt of a cookie recipe where bits of hazelnuts were embedded into the dough and then drizzled with Nutella. "Mmm," I thought. "That could work as a yummy cupcake too." And then God reached down from Heaven and guided my browser to this devilish delight:

Oh, baby...

Images: allenhemberger.com via thesweetestoccasion.com and ohcupcakes.net


  1. What a great diagram- beautifully shot and arranged- and that picture of the halved cupcake with the ferrero roche on top is making me seriously salivate. !

  2. LOL! God has wonderful taste! May he allow cupcakes to be a timeless trend and never go out of style! ;)


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