Thursday, March 3, 2011

An Awesome Plane Ride and Meet the Baby

A. and I made it to his parents house safe and sound and insanely tired. And guess what? A friend of ours decided to also head to L.A. at the very last minute and booked a seat on our flight. That meant I had someone to play with the entire six hours (especially since A. just wanted to read the whole time). Read Jona's account of all the silliness that occurred, but know that it involved watching a lot of crappy TV, trying to solve a gender mystery in the seat in front of us and taking lots of pictures.

This afternoon we finally met the little one and I don't know about you, but there's just something so sweet and sexy about guy holding a baby. Just look at them!

Images: courtesy of Jona and A.


  1. Okay, so I am loving that pic of Andrew and the baby. So sweet!

  2. Except for my hubby, I think I laugh at all guys holding babies. LOL Well, if they aren't theirs. Most dudes look so awkward, it's cute. :) How did the baby fever hold up? Or down, should I say?

  3. jona, isn't it?! You should've seen both of their faces when they looked at each other. I really wish they could both experience that more, but we'll be back soon enough I'm sure. How's your trip going?

    toriz, you're not the only one now. It was so hard to say bye to the little guy.

    tooje, hahah yes. This one didn't know what to do, but he got the hang of it - somewhat - after some practice. And I survived the baby fever thingamajig. It was hard not to squeal whenever the baby was near, but I think I managed without scaring A. TOO much.

  4. So maybe you will make A squeal sometime with "one of your own"?

  5. Yeah, he won't be squealing for a good looooong time.


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