Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cursive New York

Last week, during a quick trip to Grand Central Terminal, I stopped by Cursive New York. Now if you're someone who loves all things sweet and cute like moi, then this shop could very well be the end of you. There were tidy shelves filled with stacks of notebooks, cups of pencils and art supplies, delicate letterpress cards lining the walls and colorful accents and wares for the body and home. I actually exclaimed, "I want to buy the whole store!" (Don't worry, dear reader, for I somehow managed to quickly regain my composure in the name of journalistic integrity.) And lucky for us, Elena Carey, the lovely lady with the awesome hair behind the counter, answered my questions and let me take all the photos I wanted to share with you.

The boutique can also be found on the first floor of ABC Carpet & Home and after looking through that store's directory (10 floors of home textiles, gifts, accessories and home furnishings), I just might have to head there next. In the meantime, Cursive just launched their March Madness giveaway so pop on over to their blog to enter to win items from Motel Deluxe's Galapagos Collection every Friday.

Some of the companies you'll find in their GCT shop (along with a couple products I'm suddenly craving):

Dee & Lala letterpress stationery. I simply couldn't resist buying this little card.
Night Owl Paper Goods. I've been wanting their yellow birch wood cards for quite some time now.
The artistic packaging for Compagnie de Provence's bath products are so bold and colorful, they'd be eye-catching in any bathroom.
For a more sophisticated creative flair, check out Ink Dish dinnerware.
Positively Green Cards.
You know I love me some MT Masking Tape from Japan.
Ink + Wit and Yellow Owl Workshop stamps.
Whimsical hand-painted illustrations make Rifle Paper Co. invitations oh-so-sweet.
Tiny little spoons from Beehive Kitchenware.
K Studio makes me smile with their quirky illustrations and this iPad sleeve made from natural hemp cloth looks way cuter in person.

So if you're ever at a loss for what delightful and quirky thing to get your BFF, coworker, hostess, mom-in-law, honey bunny, whomever, just give this place a visit and I bet you'll find something interesting they'll actually want to keep.


  1. Yup. I would love that store. I seriously can't wait for daycare bills to be done. I will be buying so many cute little things to scrap with, write notes on, etc etc etc.

  2. It takes so much not to buy every cute notebook and card I come across. I already have too many! And I'm working on your letter as we speak. Sad thing is, I have so many cute papers, but for some reason nothing says pen pal like regular old loose leaf pages. To me anyway. Plus, they're nice and big and you have fit LOTS of rambling on a page :p

  3. I was recently in NY and have to Say Cursive is one of my favourite stores in the whole world!! LOVE it... and as for picnics in Central park... Sounds perfect.


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