Thursday, March 24, 2011

For Change to Arrive

What does it take for change to arrive? Does it come only after you've suffered some great loss because you didn't learn the lesson? What if you just gave it enough time? Or maybe, just maybe, you could love someone so hard it breaks open the seeds inside. Could it happen then?

Or would it only lead to a perpetual cycle of tears, loss and wondering "Why this again?"

There are those who say change only comes from within, but can't it be sparked from without? Can't someone else set you aflame to writhe and cry out in pain and later rise anew? Maybe the mere possibility that they could would be enough to incite motivation.

But then desire is only armor for the battle.

Does change come from distance and days of introspection? Does it creep in peacefully in the quiet, in blurry moments between sleep and wake? Or does it charge out in the maddening dark, shaking you violently until you finally give in to it?

No answers to be found in this messy void and the only things guiding the way are Bravery and a flickering light called Faith.



  1. I think the answer is... All of the above.

    Where change comes from, when it comes, how it comes... All of that varies. All that's certain is that it comes. Whether it comes quickly or slowly. It comes!

  2. Some would say the pain comes from resisting the change...

    The asians have a "go with the flow" and "the tree bends to the wind" and "the river plants to the stream" bending ... yeilding... acceptance of ... the external forces one cannot control.


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