Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Weekend: The "Wah! I'm Sick!" Edition

So after a fun dance party in A.'s apartment last night (complete with those chocolate + Nutella + Fererro Rocher cupcakes I wanted to make), I woke up feeling pretty craptastic. What made it worse was the fact that it was so sunny outside that being sick felt downright cruel. So we roamed the streets of the West Village, Harlem and Morningside Heights and I'm sure my fit of rebellion will bite me in the behind shortly. I turn into a big baby when I feel yuck and have been nudging and begging this one for a nice body massage and to take care of me so, of course, what does he do as soon as we get back home? Crawls into bed and falls asleep. Yeah, I can feel the healing already, A. 'Ta bueno darte un cocotaso ahora mismo pa' que asi duermas bien...

So what if we did walk roughly five miles today? I did it with an impaired immune system and sore legs from Thursday night's 2-mile run (so out of shape, guys)! Anywho, I'm done complaining. Hopefully I can fight this off because tomorrow I start a brand new freelance gig: writing and producing content every Sunday night for!

I totally want to copy Katie's idea and leave little notes in random spots for people to find. Actually no, I want someone to leave a note for me to find. That would so make my day right now.
A party? I want to plan an entire lifestyle around these festive paper straws.
I love this idea of wrapping gift boxes with a rainbow of yarn. Simple yet pretty.
Clever word puzzle universal wrapping paper and tote bag. Makes me wonder how I didn't think of it first.
Must remember to attempt this leprechaun trap cake next year.
A touch of designer whimsy in Scrabble, jewelry and home decor.
Next time someone causes you to give them a piece of your mind, be sure to hand them an invoice for services rendered as well.

Hope you're all having a happy weekend and remember: wash those hands and stay away from nasty sick people who've no business milling about among the healthy.



  1. BET? Why'd I have to find out through your blog?!

  2. Sorry you're feeling so yucky! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Did you pick 1 shift or 2?

  4. Sorry you're feeling sick but kudos to you for getting 5 miles in anyhow! WHOOT WHOOT!

    Congrats on the gig. WE're so proud of you.

    That note idea is cute...
    The cake and the rainbow wrap are particularly ambitious. Would love to see pictures of any attempts you make on those ones.

    Love the Scrabble game. It'd be awesome to get the tiles in all sorts of fonts.

    Simply adoring that invoice too...

  5. Something must be tiring A out...



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