Monday, March 14, 2011

How Was Your Weekend?

I'm still recuping from mine and beyond tired, but I can't even really go with the "we lost an hour" excuse. Especially not when A. and I rolled into bed at 4:30 am after a Saturday hangout, attended a writing group meeting (in the best apartment ever no less) on Sunday afternoon and then spent the rest of the day karaoking 'til midnight. So I don't care that I was fighting to stay awake all afternoon and then drifted off as my D train sped me back home to the Bronx. It's just the result of a well-deserved damn good weekend and I'll gladly take sleepy Mondays for another one like it.

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  1. I love lazy tired Mondays but only if I don't have to go anywhere that day! Then it's just house cleaning and My Fair Lady blaring through the house....ahhh true bliss.

    My best, Lynn

  2. I think your real "excuse" would be good enough.


    I'm just sleepy - I think I'm now "spring forward" about 20 minutes... by Friday I should be adjusted..

  3. Sounds like another fun-filled weekend. I actually like the "spring forward" - baby goes to sleep earlier!

  4. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

    Mine was much quieter... But then, most of my weekends tend to be quiet ones.


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