Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In Other Minimalist News

British designer Patrick Smith created this collection of posters illustrating a few common mental disorders. Apparently he got the idea after coming across a list of disorders while researching mental health. Could you figure out what they describe without looking at the captions? I think the third one is pretty spot on, don't you? (via Minimalissimo)

Images: adaptcreative.co.uk


  1. Sorry, I need to nitpick. Noticing that something is out of place and being bothered by it is NOT OCD. OCD is when you have bizarre routines that you must perform constantly to the point of interruption in your life. No, what we're talking about here is anal retentiveness. And YEAH, I realize that I am being anal retentive by pointing this out.

  2. Andrew, you're right to a point, but OCD manifests itself in different ways. I will be thinking about that picture all day long and that one square that's out of place. And I will go through and straighten everything on my desk multiple times and I will still be thinking about that square.


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