Monday, March 7, 2011

Live the Language

So we're back from warm and sunny L.A. and were greeted by a rainy, gray and dreary NYC. Freakin' fabulous. I'm so ready to take off again unless Mother Nature stops screwing around. But since that takes money and valuable time off work, I'll just settle for these short "Live the Language" videos made for the EF International Language Centers. Not only do they teach you a few vocabulary words, but also give you a quick taste of each city's culture.

Oy, I want to go to Europe so badly! But not just for a week-long vacation, no. I want a year abroad and truly wish I'd taken more advantage of that during my college years. In 2002, I up and went to France for a month to attend the Centre Internationale d'Etudes Francaise at the University of Burgundy and although I was ready to head home by the end of that July, I now wish I'd spent more time there. I still relish those moments I had to myself, spent wandering around aimlessly through the alley streets of Dijon, popping into random boutiques and pastry shops, pronouncing "oui" as a laid-back I'm-a-local "weh" instead (it took a bit to shake it off once I was back in the States). The tragic part was the rushed weekend tour I spent in Paris. It was unbelievably beautiful, yes, but it much too short. I didn't even get to run up to the damn Eiffel Tower! No, Paris definitely needs to be redone. And while I'm there I might as well visit Spain and Italy and Portugal and...

Have any of you ever spent a long stretch of time abroad? At work I'm surrounded by people who've traveled the globe and taken residence in random countries working odd jobs to supplement their savings so it's hard not to want that little adventure as well. Oh, and Jordan Ferney's recent move to Paris? SO not helping.


  1. I lived in Canada for about 6 months... Does that count? I went there for Christmas to meet my now hubby, missed him so much I didn't want to leave (but had to just after the new year) went back there at the end of April, and came back to the UK in October, having married him in the meantime. I almost stayed over there for good, but circumstances made it otherwise, and it ended up being him who lives in a different country rather than me. Anyway, that was almost 8 years ago (well, it was this time 8 years ago I was making plans to go back there, actually) and a part of me wonders if maybe we should have stuck it out and stayed in Canada. The thing is though, there's no point dwelling on what might have been... We have to look to the future. Speaking of which... Maybe some time in the future you can take another trip to Europe? If you do, be sure to come to the UK and visit me!

  2. That totally counts! At least you got to live and experience a new place for a while. I mean I lived in Long Island and then Syracuse because of school, but eh, I don't know if I'd count that. Either way they're both in New York.

    That's awesome that you met your hubby out there and that he up and moved for you. That takes guts and faith that things would work out well somehow. Good for him for making the leap!

    Oh and trust me, I'll make it back across the pond eventually. It's just a matter of when and how much will it cost me.

  3. You MUST go back and do Paris right!

    I only spent 8 days there and it wasn't nearly enough. I think a year or so in Europe would be pretty good.

  4. Hi Dorkys!

    I was happy to see our "Live the Language" videos on your blog, (one of my favorites)! This weekend we posted 3 more films in the same series, from Sydney, Vancouver and Los Angeles!

    Check them out here:


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