Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Friday!

And happy Earth Day/Good Friday/Easter weekend! I really miss those days of dyeing Easter eggs and tearing through fake grass-filled candy baskets, don't you? So tonight I'm going to try to make these cute papier maché eggs and filled them with goodies to give away. The instructions sound simple enough, I just hope I can find all the materials (like liquid starch of all things) and have enough time to make it happen. Here are some other curious findings from around the web.

For the papier maché-phobic, here's another version of the Easter surprise egg.
Fold bunny napkins for your dinner guests.
Remember these Pantone chip magnets? Well you can make itty bitty Polaroid magnets too.
Curl up in a good book.
Check out these redesigned fortune cookie messages.
Bake egg-shaped mini cakes.
Imagine a dreamy set-up for your backyard.
Use eco-friendly spring decor ideas from designer/author/party planner David Stark.
So which of my friends is going to make this crêpes party happen?
Give someone a message tucked inside an egg. The problem? It's too adorable to crack!
Your moment of cute.



  1. Cute!

    Happy Friday/Earth Day/Good Friday! :)

  2. oh my, that book bed is the cutest thing! have a wonderful easter, dorkys! :)

  3. Those are really cute! I hope you had success making some!


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