Friday, April 15, 2011

Of Souls and Stardust

"We are stardust," he explained to me. "Every atom in your body was forged in the heart of a star and scattered throughout space when it exploded. Forget Jesus, the stars died for us."

Dating an atheist who fiercely believes in the scientific method (and has an atom tattooed over his heart), can sometimes suck the romance right out of love for me. There's no talk of soul mates, magic or "meant to be's." The universe did not conspire or bring us together and we could have just as easily connected with someone else on that December night. That's why when A. said the above as we were debating the existence of souls, I laid there next to him and replied, "That has to be the most romantic scientific thing you've ever said to me."



  1. "We," with our severally limited perceptions - cannot see what may (or may not) be "out there" beyound our abilities to detect them/it.

    But stardust has its own magic :)

  2. That's really sweet. Really, really.

    Hi by the way. Sorry I haven't been here in sooo long, way too long. :)

  3. As fiercely as I believe in God and a "plan", I have to say that is pretty darned romantic!

  4. While A's belief is mine too, I have to add one small thing... There is usually some kind of scientific reason for anything - or anyone - being atracted to one another. Just as some metals are magnetic and atract other metals, so to do other things atract other things. In other words... The fact we are here isn't exactly an accident, it's because things reacted in the right way at the right time. Therefore, it stands to reason that the fact people are with certain other people is due to the same sort of thing happening. Had something different happened that night - such as one of you ending up ill and not going, so therefore not meeting each other - then things wouldn't have happened at the right time, and perhaps you two wouldn't be together. But things happened at the right time and in the right way, so the atom attraction could take place.

    Hope you followed that.


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