Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Why Hello There!

Okay, I know I up and left you monkeybutts hanging for a while, but sometimes a girl just needs to step away from the computer and re-center herself. Deciding to take a mini five-day-long relationship break with A. told me it just the time to do so. It wasn't glorious, but I have to admit that without him to turn to or Facebook and Twitter sucking up my energy, I was able to give more time to all the other things that make me happy:

diving into my new freelance job with BET.com * a fun relationship story assignment for Latina * contributing to the June issue of T+L * celebrating a bday with family * bonding time with the sis * Making Saturday morning breakfast for Dad and the little bro * treating Mom to visits and flowers * treating myself to flowers * a three-hour-long phone call with Heidi * playing with Anonymous' baby nephew * drawing new card designs * writing a long letter to a close penpal * buying Groupons * filming karaoke vlogs * deeming said vlogs too crappy to post * laughing loudly (and by myself) to 13-year-old home movies

All these little activities just reminded me of how much I have going for me, how lucky I am and what a sad waste of time it is to spend it wallowing in misery - be it by myself, with friends and family or with a certain boy who loves me.

Not going to lie though, my self-imposed hiatus from Facebook and Twitter was LOVELY (but it's so nice to be back here).

Image: flickr.com via thesweetestoccasion.com


  1. I have two things to say: "Good for you!" and "welcome back!" :)

  2. I'll add one thing to what Tori said, and that's "I love being called a monkey butt by someone special."

    That three hour phone call sounds exhausting, especially if you are an earlobe.


  3. It's good to have those breaks once in awhile. I have a feeling I'll be taking one of those hiatuses pretty soon, too.

    I hope things are good with A!


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