Thursday, May 5, 2011

Deadlines and Art Dates

It's that time again, guys. I have a looming deadline, projects in the works and these allergies are making me feel so beat. Even the sunshine in my eyes feels like bloody torture. Oh how I wish I could up and go to a secluded place and unwind with this book I've been trying to read for the past month, but that'll have to wait until my calendar eases up a bit in the coming week. (I hope. Funny how the week fills up and flies by so quickly, huh?)

I did, however, take a nice break from my agenda last night with a three-hour art date with my friend, Ky. I played around with crayons, markers and colored pencils while she strummed a few notes on her guitar before creating a teeny tiny canvas painting of the tulips on Park Avenue. A lot of sarcasm and laughs were involved (as well as pizza squares, cocktail shrimp and a bit of whoopie pie) so meeting up for the sole purpose of creating art in good company turned out to be a delightful idea. I don't know about you, but I sometimes get so lost in to-do lists that I forget to schedule in time for the things that soothe me. It's a bit hard to sit yourself down and dedicate time to your art when you go at it alone so it's much nicer when you have someone to share that experience with. That said, we're getting together again on Monday and even though we've only met up once, it's already making me want to be more productive on that front.

So how do you guys zen out during your hectic times?


  1. Kid therapy is my zen. When things get absolutely ridiculous, I'll call up my brother to see if I can watch my nephew. Or if they're busy, I visit a friend with kids. Even the crazy ones have a stress-free way of looking at the world that just makes me not worry about deadlines and chaos for a little while.

  2. Going for a walk usually helps me. But then, I'm one of those nutters who has no issues with walking in pouring rain just for the sake of walking. Lately though I'm feeling like even finding time for decent walks is difficult!

  3. Remember that no matter how stressed out you are, that it will pass. Remember that tomorrow is another day, and that life is full of new chances and opportunity. Just do the best you can do, and let everything fall into place.

    Of course, I had a college roomie that said, "My advise to you is to drink! and drink heavily!" He was a real sage ... he thought the biggest wastes of time in life where pumping gas and going to the bathroom...


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