Friday, May 20, 2011

Ghetto Kitchen: Chocolate-Covered Kiwifruit Pops

If I had a cooking show, it'd have to be named "Ghetto Kitchen" and in each episode I'd teach my audience how to attempt recipes like the one for these delicious chocolate-covered kiwi pops...

...and produce this botched mess instead.
I'd go on about last-minute substitutions and thinking on your feet. I'm talking about CREATIVITY, people. I mean that's what cooking in four sq.ft. of kitchen space is all about, no?

Yesterday, A. sent me just this photo with the words "MAKE NOW." So after he headed off to the gym in the evening, I decided to surprise him with dinner and dessert rather than run the two miles I'd stupidly suggested earlier. It really was the lesser of two evils...or so I thought.

Popsicle sticks were replaced by toothpicks and tiny holes in the chocolate box were supposed to keep the chocolate-covered fruit upright while the shell hardened. Oy, what a mess! Everything was toppling over, there was melted chocolate dripping all over my hands, on my face, in my tummy (call it quality control). I had to scrap that whole Toothpicks in Box idea and step it up to...Toothpicks in Ice Tray Stuffed with Paper Towels idea!

Oh who cares. They tasted yummy and even though the shells would crumble to pieces on the first chomp, the chunks that made it into your mouth rather than the floor were good.

Tips for Next Time

- Forgo the pre-chopped kiwi chunks and just slice bigger pieces instead.
- Popsicle sticks > tiny toothpicks
- Attempt original Sticks in Styrofoam idea.
- Procure Styrofoam.
- Don't pop the finished fruits in the freezer to harden. Because they will. Nearly beyond consumption.
- Film the whole ridiculous process.



  1. Damnn Dorkys I imagine it's pretty difficult to make chocolate covered Kiwis since they are already so damn soft.. Next time try chocolate covered strawberries and I'll come over!!

  2. I actually made both kiwi AND strawberries last night. The kiwi was actually easier to poke with the toothpicks if you went through the core (the fleshy part was too soft), but the strawberries were a pain in the BUTT! I'd poke the toothpick in and because the strawberry is pretty much hollow inside, the fruit would slide right down the stick. So frustrating :/

    Still, they were yummy last night! (And I damn near chipped a tooth when I took them out the freezer this morning.)

  3. You might want to try a different kind of chocolate next time. That might help in keeping everything togetherish...I love your projects, they inspire me.

  4. They sound very tasty! I'll have to try those!

  5. You're still turned out better than mine probably would have! I can't do that kind of stuff. Seriously, if my life depended on it, I'd be in big trouble.

  6. I had a nice chuckle at that "in my tummy (call it quality control)."

    I'd like some in my tummy too!! And yes, let's just call it QA.


  7. Maybe try slightly freezing the softer fruits before inserting the stick? Just a little, so it firms up and can be handled easier. Or get them a tad less ripe than you care to have? Bananas, when fully ripe, can be very soft and hard to manage for something like this. However, if bought a bit greener (I like them a bit greener anyhow), they are easier to manage.

  8. Oh... and I forgot the real reason I came in to comment! LMAO!!

    Try floral foam, it's a bit denser ;)

  9. I love Kiwi and I love dark chocolate... I can imagine how good the chocolate dipped Kiwi would taste. And I love the fact that it can be made so easily.

    Grace Crawford New Zealand Green Kiwifruit


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