Wednesday, May 25, 2011

National Stationery Show: Letterpress Part 2

Here's part two of my favorite letterpress studios from the 2011 National Stationery Show. You can check out part one here.

Printerette Press does sophisticated custom printing for businesses and special occasions, but also has a small collection of printed products that are full of cheer. I mean you can't go wrong with confetti, but the minimalist-lover in me is really feeling these thank you and simple heart note cards.
Okay, I still can't get over how sweet and fun Lucky Bee Press' products are. I especially like how they've textured some of their cards by pressing colorless patterns underneath their designs. New collections include an edgy set of greetings for guys and a selection of cocktail cards with a drink and recipe on the front. For fun baby and bridal shower ideas, take a look at their fill-in coasters that let guests write in advice and tips for the couple.
Throughout the show, I'd get secretly giddy when I'd recognize a certain card I had seen and loved on some blog but had forgotten the company's name. That happened several times in the Fugu Fugu Press booth where the Love You and Bday Face cards instantly jogged my memory. And the little peanut princess design? I always walk by a shop window that has it on display on my way to work.
Fresh colors and bold patterns are what come to mind when I think of Egg Press. Their die-cut message notes and their collection of pretty wrapping paper are fun examples of this as are their recipe cards and upcoming 2012 calendar.
Chewing the Cud - named after that moment of mediation before taking a leap of faith - products sometimes go the soft and delicate route while others are a wee bit more dramatic. Greeting cards and stationery fall more in line with the former while her patterned fabric wraps are bolder in their display of colors.
With a nice selection of coloring clocks, cards and notebooks, 9SpotMonk Letterpress will surely capture children's hearts. But there's plenty for the older set too. Especially those who've been feeling the oppression that's been this wretched economy. So you get a little pep and a little depression all in one shop! Convenient, no?
1Canoe2 began when two BFFs with a love for canoeing and art decided to set up shop in a big red barn in Missouri and crank out letterpress goodies based off their hand drawn scenes from rural life. The results are colorful with an warm, down-to-earth feel.
Inspired by "life's simple, sweet little pleasures," Paper Lovely offers a collection of eco-friendly letterpress cards printed on thick cotton paper. You can tell in the details just how much care goes into each hand-printed piece.
DeLuce Design's quirky illustrations are right up my alley. For some reason these childlike doodles just make me happy. They seem to be drawn hastily, but then the pressed nature of the cards ups the overall quality.
Claudia Smith was a huge hit at her first stationery show and it was a treat to witness and hear her reaction to it all at last Tuesday's NSS meetup. After taking a year to prepare for the show (and blogging through the process to keep herself accountable), her hard work paid off with recognition from Joy Cho and Martha Stewart Weddings. Fig. 2 Design Studio employs some of Smith's favorite design qualities: beautiful typography, calligraphy, bold patterns and clean lines paired with touches of bright color. Apart from two wedding collections, Fig. 2 also has flat note cards, gift tags and my personal fave, greeting cards letterpressed with neon ink.
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  1. I am clicking on every link, loving all these cards and designs. I'm excited too because I found a new shop in Nashville that I've never heard of where some are sold!

    Thanks for all the great photos and links!

  2. Wait. A Stationary Show?!? I WOULD BE IN HEAVEN!! Oh how I love that stuff. Thank you for sharing!!

  3. debbie, you're welcome! It's been fun searching through each and picking out my favorite pieces.

    kelley, no, a stationERY show. And yup, it was pretty fantastic/overwhelming and so hard not to want to grab everything in sight and run off. Enjoy the roundups, more are on the way.

  4. I just like how simple many of the desgns are - none of the overdone, top-heavy, gazillion-multi-layered "contraptions".

    I like the cartoon-ey Owl card!


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