Thursday, June 2, 2011

National Stationery Show: Snarky and Sarcastic

Not all of the exhibitors at the show went the sweet route with their card messages. Some decided to keep it real and mildly offensive in the hopes of getting the attention of buyers who find sappy greetings all too corny. Here are some noteworthy ones:

My favorite of the bunch has to be Up Up Creative's newly expanded Sapsucker line. A first-time exhibitor at this year's show, designer Julie Green uses bold typography, non-sappy messages and eco-friendly practices to get her point across: there is power in specificity and rewards to be reaped if you avoid cliches and sentimentality. In other words, cut the crap and say what you really mean.

Hard Cards might seem earnest on the outside, but deliver a jab once they're opened. A new birthday greeting says "Happy birthday from all of us" on the outside while the inside message gives a shout-out to the cheapskate who signed the card without contributing to the group gift. Another is brutally honest about buying a present for someone you don't even know that well. And I'm sure some of you marrieds can relate to this anniversary card...

I thought it was a wee bit dramatic to include a pack of band-aids in the press kit, but I have to admit Oh My Word cards do make you cringe. One sample simply says "You skinny little bitch" on the outside with the inside message adding "What I mean is...did you lose weight?" Ouch. The company, which has a collection of cards and gift items, has had a dark sense of humor from the start since it was born after founder Leslie Kolk realized that on her stepmother's birthday all she wanted to say was "Happy birthday. I wish you were dead." At least she channeled that emotion into creative pursuits and not ones that would land her in jail.

Mean Cards were created during a pretty depressing situation, but considering the name, I don't think they're that insulting at all! Maybe my tolerance for darkness is quite high? These cards would be good to give someone with a sense of humor, but with whom you've yet to cross that line. Oh, wait, never mind. This "Everything Dies" card is pretty sick. And I don't mean the slang version of the word.

For more cards with bite, check out Offensive + Delightful, Quiplip and Old Tom Foolery.

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  1. LMAO@the everything dies card!

    Oh my... I wish I had that one - I'd send it!!

  2. My Dad and his mates would so love these cards!

  3. haha, i love these! especially the ice cream card. you know i will do anything for ice cream. :D

  4. thanks for the shout out!
    leslie, oh my word'stress

  5. she didn't end up in jail yet her husband has chris kolk she should do some card on that situation, let's see he cheats, steals identity's, computer crimes lotos of materiel there


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