Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Friday!

Did you know I'd never tasted a macaron until just a few days ago? Why didn't anyone tell me they were more cakey than cookie?! These, from Lily O'Brien's Chocolate Café by Bryant Park were so delicious, I only allowed myself teeny little bites from my Nutella-flavored treat because I didn't want it to end.

This week I'm also happy for:

- A great friend who shared some wonderful news with me!
- A certain someone moving one step closer to something he really wants.
- Cryptic gratitudes.
- My brother, who's just entered his twenties! Craziness.

And some links for your enjoyment. Happy weekend everyone!

Oh sweet, sweet summertime: Ten frozen desserts to make at home.

In this week's oddball news: Christopher Walken reads "The Three Little Pigs."

A love & sex tip: What foreplay should be.

Things that will brighten up my cubicle: These recycled paper pencils and leather notebooks.

My next career investment: Better business cards.

I say "duck" when I'm mad: Funny auto correct horror stories.

Now we can rest easy: How to not die in a plane crash.

Reason #409 why I should be in San Fran: Photos from Urbanic's Summer Social make me want to make wrapping paper pinwheels and push around an ice cream cart. Omg, that could be my summertime side hustle! Okay fine, maybe not...


  1. I never thought much of macaron's, personally.

  2. Those macarons look delicious! Loved the Christopher Walken video, forwarded it to a co-worker who does Walken impersonations.

  3. toriz, so what *do* you like?

    chicagolady, they were so yum! And the video was funny, but I definitely laughed a lot more while reading about how to not die in a plane crash.

  4. I have never had macarons either and am really curious about them. But I have never seen them in my area. Guess we are just not fancy enough down here. :)

  5. haha. you need to move here. we can eat macarons together. :D

  6. I <3 Macarons... even the ones in funny colors!! :)

    I love that auto-correct site!! LMAO!

  7. sugarlens, try them, girl! Maybe keep a look out when you guys go off on your little weekend trips? There has to be some little bakery that sells them somewhere there.

    odessa, YES PLEASE. I need to get out there anyway. How fun would that be? Chillin' in the sun, popping into cafes and eating macarons in the park. Your life out there looks so breezy and beautiful. That said, I hope you're feeling better so you can get out and enjoy the sunshine :)

    intense guy, I hate cookies so I'd never been curious about them. Sure they looked cute, but meh. But turns out they're really good!


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