Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Well that week went by quickly! Did you all have a good one? I'm actually about to head out to my sister's boyfriend's birthday dinner. A. and I have been wanting a reason to pull out the fancy clothes again because it's been way too long. Do you ever wish you had a fancy occasion to get prettied up for? Two years ago I couldn't stand the thought of attending a wedding and now I wish someone in my circle would tie the knot already so I could get dolled up for it! (Hint, hint guys!)

This week I'm happy for:

- A low "unread" count on my Google Reader even though I cheated and marked many as "read." What? That thing makes me anxious!
- Having spent a lovely afternoon at the park and crafting with a good and talented buddy. I always feels so nice after talking to her about art and working through our fears. So positive. In fact, she writes these poems and took my profile photo (right) for Anthology's contributors page.
- Homemade lemon chicken with white rice, biscuits and corn.

And a few links from around the web:

WATCH Science comedian Brian Morrow reminisces about his life-long love affair with space travel. P.S. Did you guys catch yesterday's final shuttle launch?
LISTEN Adam Parks streams The Illuminated Mixtapes playlists online, each with an illustrated cover. (via Swissmiss)
TASTE I might have to actually make this pepperoni pizza monkey bread someday.
DO Try to follow the 10 rules in Chris Anderson's Email Charter. Help stop the inbox madness.
MAKE Your very own scratch-offs.



  1. I can't be botherred with all that getting dolled up stuff; I'll leave it to you, I think!

  2. I can never bring myself to mark posts as "read", so I just scroll through them very fast instead. :) Hope you had a great weekend! I love those scratch-offs too. Someday I will make them.

  3. toriz, oh it's not so bad every now and then. Compliments and getting heads to turn is always nice ;)

    sugarlens, I do that too, but sometimes it's just too much and I like starting fresh. It's like a burden has been taken off my shoulders. Looks like you guys had such a fun weekend in DC! The photos of barefoot Anna are adorable.

  4. Gasp!! I here I am on Tuesday, trying to catch up with a hundred entries in my Reader...



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