Sunday, July 3, 2011

Something for the Fellas

Last month, A. and I headed to the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn, a market of more than 300 artists and indie businesses selling a variety of handmade goods. There were booths lining the paths of McCarren Park filled with art, books, jewelry, stationery, clothes, totes, housewares and offering handmade workshops.

A. needed to find something awesome to send for a gift exchange and I suggested he hit up the craft fair with me. Surely he'd find something interesting and unexpected there, I said, and he did! At Sharp Shirter's booth he found this tentacle shirt for his gift recipient (which was well-received, by the way) and then scored this sweet Panda Bitchslap shirt for himself. Who knew pandas were so testy about photo-taking hipsters?


  1. oh my, such an awesome shirt! this cracks me up because a blogger friend of mine just told me that someone yelled at her and said "take your hipster somewhere else" while she is walking on the street. mind you, she doesn't look like a hipster at all. but she was bringing an SLR camera. hahaa.

  2. Nothin' like a slap from a 220 pound panda bear...


    Takes a special person to pull that shirt off...

  3. odessa, ha! I never knew an SLR camera was "hipster." As if I could keep up with the labels and such.

    intense guy, yes it does! Gotta have some confidence...and a sense of humor :)

    robin, we do too!


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