Friday, July 22, 2011

They Draw & Travel Illustrated Maps

As soon as I learned about They Draw & Travel a month ago, I just had to write about their awesome maps. A spin-off of the popular They Draw & Cook, this site has a collection of illustrated maps pointing out off-the-radar spots and insider details that give travelers an intimate sense of places around the world. Best yet, some of the results are beautiful enough to post on your walls! Read more about They Draw & Travel on Travel + Leisure's blog Carry On.

Here, a few maps from the site:

Is there an illustrated map for your next destination?

Images: Aneu Martinez (via TDAT), Jack Reilly, Jenn Tse (via TDAT), Kaitlyn McCane (via TDAT) and Cybèle (via TDAT).


  1. Oh, I love that website and 'They Draw & Cook' too!! ... illustrated maps are the best, and the ones you have picked to share are adorable.

  2. It really was so hard to pick just a few! I posted a few more on Travel + Leisure's blog. Yesterday I popped on over to the site and had to hold back from adding this new Barcelona map to the post.

  3. Ooooh, I really like this! I wonder how well they print and frame. I would love to have these around the house.

  4. Hi Dorkys!!
    First of all, I wanted to thank you for choosing my map "Antarctica" as one of the maps which illustrate your article and post. I'm really grateful for it ;)

    And, on the other hand, I'm totally agree with your compliments for TDAC & TDAT projects. Both show a great collection of illustrators and, at the same time, is a funny way to choose a special travel/menu. It worth to take a look!!


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