Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Auf Wiedersehen, Deutschland

Munich, it was nice wandering around your streets in search of a late-night kebab snack,

buying fresh strawberries from a colorful street stall to munch on during our afternoon stroll,

eating roast pork suckling and nearly drowning in a liter of Radler at Hofbräuhaus beer hall,

watching A.'s disappointed face when a piece of chocolate purchased from the fancy little Confiserie Rottenhöfer did not taste like a Kit Kat bar as he'd hoped,

sitting and writing on the grass at Hofgarten and listening to classical music and the nearby church bells announce the hours while A. slept in the sun (I can't take this guy anywhere.)

and then walking back in the night to stumble upon a cellist playing "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Misérables and stealing kisses against the plaza pillars. He played it so beautifully I probably would've teared up if I weren't so caught up in taking his picture.

Fitting that the last sounds of our Munich journey ended with a song from the French play since soon after that lovely encounter, we hopped on an overnight train (in a sleeper car!) and arrived in Paris this morning!


  1. Thanks for my first, proper belly laugh of the day...

    The picture of your boyfriend sleeping reminds me so much of my own! He can catch 'Z's' just about anywhere - the most miraculous being a time when he was stood, yes stood, travelling amongst hundreds of other passengers on the underground.

    You will love (love, love, LOVE!) Paris.

    Sarah x

  2. Ha! You what the funny thing is? I think I've been prepped to deal with this sleepyhead (who's currently napping now and was about to pass out on the lawn in front of Sacre Coeur earlier today) my whole life. My dad is EXACTLY like him in that he could very well fall asleep at a moment's notice no matter where he is.

    But to be fair the poor guy is so tired from the walking around and the crappy beds we've had to put up with. I'm hoping tonight he'll finally get a good night's rest so tomorrow we can conquer Paris like two travel pros.

  3. Such cute shots - and that beer! Next to you, it looks gargantuan!

  4. Sounds like you're really loving your trip... Bet you're glad you went now! :)


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