Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oh, the Places We Won't Go!

While figuring out our itinerary, I realize that I don't understand the German spots A. has pinned on our Berlin Google map.

Me: Teufelsberg? Bundestag? Baby, you really need to translate these places. I mean have you even made notes?
A.: [obscene gesture]
Me: Wait, what's Hannibal?! We're not going there!
A: It's a restaurant.
Me: Even worse!

Later on...

A.: What about Brest, France?
Me: What? No. That doesn't even sound nice to tell friends. "I went to Brest."
A: "I like Brest."
Me: "I can’t wait to explore Brest."
A.: "I’m thinking about Brest."
Me: "I will always have a soft spot for Brest."

Not trying say anything bad about the place. I'm sure Brest is very nice this time of year. Besides we've so many places we both want to see, I've no idea how we're going to fit it all in three weeks.



  1. Planning is only half the fun. What countries are you thinking?

  2. Our route is as follows: Berlin, Prague, Munich, Paris, Barcelona, Nice/French Riviera, Venice, Florence and Rome. Whew!

  3. LOL at your conversation. ;)

    At least you're going to the important places to visit! :)


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