Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Times Have Changed Since the Last Time I Flew."

My sis is flying out for the first time in two years and she just posted this photo from the Delta terminal at JFK airport where apparently there are "iPads, iPads everywhere!" I still find them too big and clunky for my tastes, but I definitely wouldn't turn one down if I was offered one for free.

Thanks for the free advertising, sis, enjoy the swanky wait and safe travels!


  1. I think iPads are too expensive for my taste since I can do everything I want on my smart phone. But I'd totally take one if Apple was giving them out.

  2. The craziest thing I saw last time I was at the airport was people scanning their boarding passes on their iphones. I was like whaaaa? You can do that?

  3. Hi Colby! I'm the sis who's currently flying (hello wifi!) and I scanned my boarding pass through a bar code on my phone. Pretty cool, lol

  4. I am so old. I have nothing cool. No smartphone, no ipad, barely an ipod (headphones are caput so I don't use it)......let's see. No Tivo or dvr, no flat screen tv....LOL

    These kids must go!!!


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