Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Week Away with a Few Things Still Left to Plan

One week left to go and I feel like we could still use a couple more months to plan this Europe trip out. See, I'm the type that gets a wee bit anxious if I don't know what we're doing, where we're sleeping and alternatives in case it all turns to crap. A., on the other hand, is much more free-wheeling and the crazy man has no problems going to a foreign country without an itinerary or even knowing the language. And yet he's somehow lived to tell those tales. Thankfully, this time he's been great at mapping things out, researching and listing the things we'd like to see. I don't know if it's because nine cities in five countries in three weeks is going to be one hell of a trip or if it's to calm my nerves down.

We still have to find lodging for the last leg of the trip, make museum reservations (I hear this David guy is quite popular in Florence) and figure out the banking situation. Aside from poring over Rick Steves' site and reading endless accommodation reviews, I've:

...researched and contacted a slew of writers and artists who either live, have lived or have traveled extensively through each of the destinations I'll be visiting. I seriously felt like I traveled through western Europe over the course of two days. That means there's a fun line-up of guest bloggers' posts while I'm overseas. You might not even want me to come back on, but we'll be popping in with our own travel stories and photos from the road (time and wireless internet permitting) whether you like it or not.

...not been eating or sleeping enough. Too many things running through my head which only leaves me feeling super zapped every the morning. The last thing I need is to feel run down before I even go on vacation.

...been wishing I'd kept practicing my Italian and French. Years of hard work and money put into classes only to have forgotten them right when I actually need it. I'm hoping the foreign air will jog my memory and miraculously leave me spitting rhymes en fran├žais. C'est vrai!

...had flashes of excitement. I usually don't get hyped until I'm buckled into my plane seat, but yesterday, on a routine trip to the bathroom at work, it hit me. "Oh my God, I'm going to Paris!!" Don't mind me. A. sure didn't when I im'ed him about my sudden enthusiasm.

Plus, I've been finishing up a couple projects at work before I leave so it's been busy, busy! And honestly, I'm just as excited about being open to new opportunities and the change of pace that will be waiting for me once I return home. I still don't even know what my new schedule will be and I think I'm starting to be just fine with that.

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  1. I am sooooo excited for you! I am resisting the urge to tell you how j-e-a-l-o-u-s I am, as well. You will have a wonderful, wonderful time. I can't wait for photos and updates!!!

  2. I love that you're taking this trip!! You'll have a blast!

  3. Just let yourself get swept up in those moments of excitement, try not to worry about things you mostly can't control anyway, and above all... When it comes to the trip, enjoy yourself! :)

  4. I'm about 98% excited for you and about 2% jealous!

    You are going to have such an amazing time, and to get to spend it with someone you love? It doesn't get much better than that.

  5. Wow, it seems like yesterday when you announced that you were going on a trip. I planned our summer vacation back in JUNE and we are still 3 weeks away!

  6. How fun! You'll have a blast. I took a trip to Holland a few years back and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It was fun and the memories will last a lifetime, just like the memories you'll bring back will.

    The one thing that I almost forgot was a power converter because they have weird outlets over there. (I bought my converter at RadioShack.) Also, I think I just went to an ATM over there and pulled out money because it was going to be easier that way.

    You will be just fine. It will be fun and strange and weird, but totally worth it.

    Have a blast and pics or it didn't happen! :-P


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