Thursday, September 8, 2011

Adeu, Barcelona

I wish I could say goodbye to Barcelona the way Brazilian art director Lucas Jatobá did earlier this year. We finally spent some quality time at the beach and though I feel like we could've hit the town even harder than we did our second day here, sometimes you just need that time away from the crowds to just relax and enjoy each other. Sounds simple, but some of my favorite moments with A. here have been sitting in our hotel room, drinking red wine, making fun of learning the inner workings of tennis and the U.S. Open and chasing each other in the Mediterranean Sea. Last night, we spent hours meandering through the tiny alleyways of the Gothic Quarter until we stumbled upon an amazing street performer singing Italian opera and I made us sit for a bit to enjoy the music. See? I learned my lesson (but this time it was A. who was caught up in taking photos). As we walked past tapas bars and late-night diners, I kept telling myself that stuff like this seems like it doesn't happen in real life. And yet here we are.

Barcelona, you were beautiful and I know you've totally captured A.'s attention. If anything, your women sure did.

So where are we off to next? Only the place that A. and I have always threatened to run off to whenever life got stressful: the French Riviera!


  1. Sounds wonderful...

    The expensive attractions are wonderful, but the simple times together are always the best!

  2. ...even simple times spent in an oversized, clawfoot, cast iron tub.

    ..but hey... the view is best when it varies. :)

  3. toriz, best of off all the simple times are often free or a lot cheaper ;)

    intense guy, I agree. Some chill time is also good to rest your body up so you have some energy to get back to the walking and climbing and photo-taking.

    And yup, it's good to have a nice mix in the whole trip so you don't get the same experience/vibe/scenery everywhere you go.


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