Monday, September 5, 2011

Smitten with Paris

This is essentially a love letter to Paris.

For the last two years, I've been wondering where a native New Yorker could possibly move to after growing up in a city as diverse, full of culture and a never-ending source of inspiration and stimulation. What place could possibly compare and hold my heart and attention for as long as my city has? For as much frustration and stress as it gives me, I also recognize that I'll be hard-pressed to find another city that could hold a candle to the Empire State.

And then I returned to the City of Light.

Somewhere along the line I had concluded that if I were to move (and I so want to experience life outside of NYC), it'd have to be to San Francisco or Barcelona. Mind you I'd never even been to either place (until now for the latter), but based on others' recounts of their times in both cities, I'd deemed them as great places with a young and fun vibe as well as a hub of creative culture - exactly where I want to be.

How could nine years have erased so much of what France meant to me on my first visit? On this trip I wanted to get to know the city I only experienced on a whirlwind weekend tour. I was able to live la vie Parisienne if only for four days in an apartment for our own. We strolled the winding streets of Montmarte and caught my breathe when the Eiffel Tower suddenly appeared around the corner of the museums on Torcadéro. And those were just the touristic highlights.

There were so many moments spent admiring the details of the buildings around us, the attention in the balconies' ironwork, the grey-slated roofs, how everyone lines their windows with flowers. If there was an inviting patch of grass, we sat on it: on the hill leading up to Sacre Coeur, in the Jardin des Tuileries, a make-shift picnic in front of the Louvre. Our café chats quickly turned into discussions about the "what ifs" and "hows" surrounding my sudden wish to move to Paris as well as the exciting new projects I'll be tackling once I returned home. Then we'd sit back and watch the city go about its routines around us.
The city takes such a hold of you it's hard not fall in love with her. I could get lost in there for months, relishing the lifestyle, the language, its history and return home at the end of each day excited to set out again the next morning. On our last night, A. and I spontaneously decided to defy a passing thundershower to finally make our way up the tower and see the city lit up from above. Once there, I leaned into the railing with A.'s arms around me and decided that Paris, you would make a splendid follow-up to life in New York.


  1. Negativo. Paris is too far. I need you somewhere a little more local.

  2. Oh hello! You were talking about San Francisco, too! And local para que? Para visitarme? If you went, you'd think the very same thing yourself :p

  3. If Paris is half as wonderful as I've heard, then I don't blame you!

  4. Paris, je t'aime!

    I could live there. Not forever, but for a little while.

  5. I've walked miles and miles of Paree... its a marvelous city.

    When are you coming home? We miss you.

  6. toriz, It truly is. Beyond the beautiful sights, there's just so much there to uncover. I'd go back in a heartbeat. At least we're back in France for a few days before heading into Italy. I wonder what that will be like.

    karen, I could totally give Paris a year of my life if not more. I think I got A. to jump on board and try it out if he had some way of generating income while we're there...until we got to Barcelona. He LOVED it there and I still can't get Paris out of my head.

    intense guy, You have? Oh I'd love to hear more about your visit. When, where did you stay, what did you love?

    we still have a week left and I don't want it to fly by one bit! I'll be home soon enough and back to grind with all these projects in my head/in the works! Nice to have some things to look forward to once I'm back.

    I miss you guys too though. :)


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