Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cuddle Weather

I was really looking forward to brunch at the latin-fusion spot Yuca Bar this morning and even though no one else (except A.) could join me, I was planning to head down there anyway. Until I woke up and saw the blanket of snow that was - and still is - falling outside. A. didn't even get up until past noon so that plan was scrapped.

Disappointed and stubborn as I am, I decided to go outside anyway, on principle. This silly snow isn't going to keep me cooped up in the house all day, nuh uh! So I put on my sneakers, grabbed an umbrella and went out into the slush and wind. Three blocks later, my sneakers were soaked, my toes frozen, and I was cursing my decision to brave the elements. I ducked into Starbucks for a cup of caramel apple spice and thaw myself back to life.

"You know, this is the perfect weather to just stay in bed and cuddle," A. said before I explained some nonsense about being stir crazy and not wanting to nap and bum around all day. Don't you just hate it when men turn out to have a point, leave you to your devices, and then wait until you realize they were probably right?



  1. But... But... You have to go out in the snow! Then you cuddle afterwards to warm up; cuddle while watching a movie and drinking cocoa, or while talking and drinking cocoa. But snow first!

  2. Woman, it is cold out there!! I'm actually still at Starbucks reading, writing, just relaxing among strangers, and listening to Landon Pigg's "Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop" playing in the background. I'll go home in a bit!

  3. Haha, I am the same way. I always want to be out on the weekends and think that it's a waste to bum around at home. But then when we finally go out, the baby fusses, spend unnecessary money, etc and yes, sometimes it's better to just be home.

  4. I heard about the storms this weekend and couldn't wait to run outside and revel in our sunshine. Glad you got to enjoy it, though.

  5. Ahh... we know better than to argue... :)


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