Monday, November 7, 2011

I Just Came to Say Hello

Man was last week a toughie, so much so I needed to step away for a few days and regroup. That meant cooking, napping, attending Italian class, visiting a friend, long walks, letting my emotions run free, reeling them back in, doing research, lighting candles, watching movies, and taking more relaxing baths in one week than I had all year. I even made it a point to do my nails and wear makeup for no good reason other than to make myself feel nice. Do you guys get dolled up when you're feeling blue, too?

I didn't even bother turning on my computer all weekend until my Sunday night shift started and seriously, that's a change I found immensely helpful. Sometimes I feel like too much obsessive Internetting makes me go on the fritz. But here I am! So how about we kick off the week with a little pep? Because even when things are sucking royally, take comfort in the thought that given enough time, things do turn out pretty okay and this moment will be but a small and gnarly thread woven into the fabric you'll have created with all your years and experiences.

  Hello (Radio edit) by martinsolveig


  1. Small and gnarly indeed. I think my entire blanket is made of gnarly threads. LOL

  2. I don't do make-up, but a relaxing bubble bathh and some scented candles followed by curling up with a good book - while said candle still burns - usually makes me feel better about myself and the world! :)

  3. there must be something in the water..i had the same week too! now i'm fighting a cold but at least i'm feeling emotionally better.


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