Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Inspiration

I'd never heard of 16 Hours Magazine before (have you?), but their recently-released manifesto is really something I could get behind. A call to action, adventure, travel, creativity, and the pursuit of improvement sounds like a wonderful recipe for inspiration.

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  1. Its so gloomy here... I think I'll start my 16 hours ...tomorrow.

  2. I love how these prints are done...they're eye pleasing for sure. But my old brain can't figure out what line to read next and I get confused and have to start over. LOL Is that strange?

  3. intense guy, it's been rainy all day here too so I haven't gone. Blah.

    tooje, nope, I had a couple false starts myself, but I still love these typography prints that play with different sized fonts and styles.


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