Wednesday, December 14, 2011

And He's Off...Again

This afternoon my travel junkie of a boyfriend A. flew off to Thailand and Cambodia with our friend and won't be back until January. I'm a bit bummed that he won't be in the city for the holidays this year, but I bet it'll be an exciting adventure for them and at least he'll be back just in time for my 30th birthday. In the meantime, I'll be keeping busy with my Christmas to-do's (can you believe I'm starting my shopping tomorrow?) and getting A.'s holiday surprise ready. I'm actually really nervous about it, but have to trust that he'll love it.

P.S. I stole his big cozy sweater while he's away. Do you guys ever take your boyfriend's clothes, too?

Image: Angkor Wat, Cambodia by Steve McCurry


  1. Cambodia is a special place. Dont let him go without you next time : D

  2. Goodness.. the man is foot loose.

    Good for him - travel should be done when you are young enough to walk around (without electric scooters and O2 tanks!)

    Sucks for you... Hope you go along with him next time and that next holiday you two share the moment together (whereever you may be!)

  3. missy, Oh trust me, I won't be staying put much longer!

    intense guy, yeah, he's such a nomad. I'm surprised he's settled in the city for seven years. But yeah, I'm excited for him (and jealous)! Are you headed anywhere this month? I know you get around, too!

  4. I do like stealing the man's clothes sometimes, although it's more something I did when I was a girlfriend, and not a wife. Or maybe Hubs is the biggest (around) guy I've dated so his clothes would be way too big? LOL

    What's his holiday surprise????

    30th??? You're getting so old, like me! Yea!

  5. Whoa whoa! Let's not get ahead of ourselves here. I'll have you know that I'm barely an adult much less OLD, okay?

    And I'm not telling you his surprise yet! There IS Internet in Thailand you know.

  6. I hope he has a great time, even if he did leave you right at Christmas. ;-)

  7. I used too, like 40 pounds ago. When I first moved in, I liberated one of his t-shirts (in my defense it WAS a 3x and much too large for him... plus it was long enough to cover my arse so I could run around in next to nothing with it on and still be modest). I also snagged his leather coat. What can I say? I always wanted a leather coat and he had like 3 jackets lying around. Well that and I really needed the winter gear because all I managed to grab when I ran from the first was my cardigan (it was too cold to be wearing a winter coat at the time!).


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