Tuesday, December 13, 2011

If I Had Superpowers, I'd Just Teleport

Does anyone else have as big of a problem with punctuality as I do? Because it seems I am completely incapable of getting anywhere on time. I underestimate how long it takes to get anywhere and totally misplace my faith on public transportation. And today I just realized that my cell phone clock has been seven minutes behind this whole time! Not good when your therapy sessions are only 45 minutes long and you end up leaving almost as soon as you arrive.

Are any of you timely people? Please help a sister out! In the meantime, I'm just going to start rocking this Tattly and switch out my clock at home for this one.

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  1. I've always been fairly punctual, but whenever I start running late repeatedly, I remind myself what it feels like to be the one who shows up on time and have a friend running late. That usually helps me better prepare in the future.

  2. I am a timely person -- I especially hate being late when meeting friends. My only recommendation is to plan ahead, but I know you already knew that.

  3. I always try to be on time, but somehow it rarely works out that way. It comes in handy though that most of my friends are even less punctual, but with Houston traffic it comes with the territory.

    By the way I hope all is going well for you. I have been meaning to stop in and say hi!

  4. Oh I am so bad at this. I am either ridiculously late or tooo early. I cannot get it right!!!

  5. Wow... your cellphone clock was wrong? I got Verizon and they even change the time when we go to daylight savings and back so I've always assumed the cellphone was right on the money.

    I think the only way to be certain you aren't late is to be early. Not wanting to do that too often - you have to pick and chose which things you never want to be late for!

    I do wish I could teleport - imagine living somewhere in the Carribean and being able to "commute" to work anywhere in the world?

  6. I make sure all my clocks are set a bit fast (and check the times regularly to make sure they're still right) and try and get there early by even my clock, then I know I'm definately early. I'm one of those people who would rather be half an hour early than even 5 minutes late, so I allow extra time... If I know a journey takes 15 minutes, I allow 30 minutes for it in case of traffic jams or whatever. I think it stems from all the times I've been frustrated while waiting for my Dad (who has no concept of time what so ever) and how I don't want to make people suffer like I've had to. So, I get there early, and take something to do while I wait (I even have some silly putty in my bag, that way I have something to fiddle with if I'm early but forgot to bring something with me).

  7. brandi, thing is I HATE when my notoriously late friends keep me waiting. I think my group has different degrees of lateness, but it sucks when I manage to get there before the others.

    sugarlens, yeah, I try, but then things pop up and I mistakingly think I have enough time to squeeze other stuff in. Rarely works out without leaving me stressed and frazzled.

    joy, thanks for feeling my pain! And hi! How have you been?

    samanthajoy, man, I wish I had that last problem of yours more often than not.

    intense guy, see somehow I must've unchecked the "update automatically" button in my settings. A. went right in and fixed it in a second. Clueless me. And dude, I'd just teleport for a living. I'd be able to take on all kinds of assignments since I could cheaply get to wherever the story is!

    toriz, man, look at you all responsible. I think I've only managed to trick myself once. I was supposed to speak at a wedding and put in some crazy early time when I wrote it into my agenda. Why was my behind speeding down the highway months later on the day of the wedding, practicing my lines, and praying to God I wouldn't miss the thing.

    So I get there and the place is EMPTY. I'm freaking out thinking I missed the whole ceremony when it turned out that not only was time on the invitation EARLY, but my adding even more time to that had me waiting around like an hour before people started showing up.

  8. I appreciate punctuality. If it's an informal gathering or family meet up, I don't adhere to it necessasrily. Unless we're eating at a specific time, then I do. If I have meetings or non-standard social engagements, I'll be on time. :) The trick? Simply forcing yourself to prepare earlier, get up earlier, stop distracting yourslf, prepare the night before or the morning of, if it's a later in the day engagement. Simply respect the amount of time you KNOW you'll need to prep, and don't distract and get selfish with your time, forcing others to cater.

  9. I'm mostly a very punctual person, but there are a couple of things that I am ALWAYS late to, no matter what I do.


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