Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's About Family

As usual, I spent the week leading up to Christmas running around starting and finishing my holiday shopping. (I always say I'll start earlier next year, but maybe I should just stop lying to myself.) Luckily, my sis and I teamed up for our parents and brother's gifts and spent a nice night going around trying to find good presents for them.

Unfortunately, my mom's side of the family suffered another loss this season when a younger cousin passed away. With most of our aunts and uncles in the Dominican Republic to celebrate the one year anniversary of our grandfather's passing, some of those who were still in the city went up to Massachusetts to pay their respects and lay him to rest. I decided to stay behind.

But a few days later, my siblings and I joined my cousins for a little party on Christmas Eve. Despite the tragedy and their missing parents, they decided to take it upon themselves to gather, cook, and celebrate the holiday together. It made my heart swell to see my generation and the young ones that follow us embracing family and navigating love and loss while lifting each other's spirits in joyous and sorrowful moments.

Image: flickr.com


  1. Sounds like your loved ones were spread around the globe - but they were inside you (as they are, each and every day).

    Happy Holidays - I hope the new year brings you lots of "new and exciting things to see and do".

  2. This is a beautiful post; it sounds like you and your family were embracing the true meaning of the holidays! :)

  3. I wanted to stop by to wish you many great endeavors in your upcoming year. Much happiness and lots of achievements including that stationery business *hint, hint*. I also wanted to express my sincerest admiration to you for going forth and exploring the other side of the globe even in the face of unemployment. Such a feat lady!

    I will continue to stop by now and again to check up on ya :)

    Your happy blog stalker,

    BedofBrimstone aka Sharla~

  4. I'm sorry for your loss.

    But it's nice to know that some of your traditions will continue on, isn't it?


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