Thursday, December 1, 2011

Little Red Hood Matryoshka Dolls by Mike He

Oh how cute are these Little Red Riding Hood-inspired Matryoshka dolls? Taiwan designer Mike He's product is not only whimsical, but functional, too, since they're bowls that also keep fruits and other snacks beautifully stored away. (via Mocoloco)

In other news, it's December 1st! Have you guys started on your holiday shopping yet? I don't even know what to get my peeps, but more importantly I don't know what *I* want (A.'s been asking me. What should I say?). What are you guys hoping for this year?

By the way, I'm working on a couple holiday-themed series for the blog that I'm really excited about including Dry As Toast's first-ever Holiday Gift Guide! So stay tuned for that and other goodness from authors, caterers, chefs, and creative folk that'll surely add some sparkle to your holiday festivities.



  1. That is a cute take on Matryoshka dolls! My grandmother had about 4 or 5 sets of the things she got when she went to Russia (ages ago!)

    I was kind of hoping Santa might bring me a Nook Color or Amazon Kindle Fire... but I'm probably gonna get a sack of coal (which would be okay if I could figure out how to burn the stuff for heat!)

  2. This Santa's on vacation. I need to spend time recovering all the money spent and still being spent on this apartment. Santa will be on vacation until further notice.

  3. I've just recently found your site! I love it! You've got some great articles and insights. I'm looking forward to your holiday material.
    Much love, Missy


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