Thursday, January 26, 2012

Minimalist Blog Templates by Blog Milk Shop

If your blog needs an update or a complete overhaul for the new year and you don't want to spend days Googling around for code tweaks and fixes (like I painstakingly did last year), then pop on over to Blog Milk Shop. Designers Ana Degenaar of Blog Milk, Danni Hong of Oh, Hello Friend, and Jennifer Hagler of A Merry Mishap have teamed up to create a pretty collection of blog templates. And no worries about every other site having the same design you do: only 15 issues of each theme are sold and there's optional custom installation available.



  1. This is the difference between you and I, and our levels of creativity and needs. I have no desire to find a good blog layout/theme etc...because I'm lazy. You..on the other hand. You take your craft seriously. I admire this.

    1. Do you think changing up your layout to something that excites you might jumpstart your motivation? I know you mentioned feeling like you're in a blogging rut lately. I've been there and had to update things around here to get me going again.

  2. The sample blog templates look really good, I've always been a fan of the minimalist approach. Blogs that are "too busy" are most of the time displeasing to the eyes.


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