Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Graffiti, A Little Red Lighthouse, Desserts, and Ice Skating

Here are a few more shots from my Souvenir Foto School. I was semi-determined to stick to alphabetical order, but that went right out the window when I had some trouble photographing a "D" on Saturday.

G is for Graffiti. Taken at 5 Pointz, a warehouse in Queens that's completely covered in amazing artwork. I tweaked the image and bumped up the saturation to give it more of a comic book feel.

L is for Little Red Lighthouse standing tall underneath the George Washington Bridge. I was glad the sky was much bluer than the day before so I had some complimentary color to play off of.

D is for Desserts from my favorite shops around NYC: macarons from Lily O'Brien's, cupcake from Crumbs, donuts from Doughtnut Plant, mini cupcakes from Baked by Melissa, artisan hard candy from Papabubble, and gummy worms from Duane Reade. A bit much, but I couldn't focus on just one!

And yesterday's attempt to capture I is for Ice Skating at Citi Pond at Bryant Park highjacked my whole day. What started in broad daylight soon turned into night, which allowed me to capture this scene. By that point I was so ready to go home. And check out the Empire State Building in the distance glowing blue in honor of the Giants' Super Bowl victory!

Stay tuned as I keep photographing the alphabet and building on this New York City photo theme. You can view my Flickr photostream here.


  1. Hey, as long as you get the whole alphabet in there in the end it doesn't matter how it happened! :)

  2. I've been admiring some of your shots in Flickr (like the one for "M" - absolutely brilliant!!)

    You need to dig up a dictionary and find "subjects" that "start with" letters... :)

    That graffitti shot is cool - but I'm glad it's not my neighborhood! That lighthouse is "jarring". I don't know if its the brilliant color or the placement under the bridge!


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