Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chocolate Croissant + Fashion Photo Shoot

It's no Pain et Chocolat, but this chocolate croissant from Ovens of France was so soft and tasty it made me wish I'd bought two: one for yesterday's car ride around town and one to eat along with some chai on this foggy morning. Here's hoping it truly does get to 77˚ F today because Neema and I are staging a photo shoot by the lake this afternoon!


  1. We have one bakery in my college town that makes chocolate croissants with the gritty, yummy chocolate it should be make of. I stop there nearly every time I'm in town just to get one (or three). I love them.

    1. Hey, no need to deprive yourself if it makes you happy. Like they say, "bad for the body, good for the soul." It's a bit extreme, but in college I used to drive around town hitting up my favorite fast food joints for specific items to create my meal. Mickey D's burgers, Checkers seasoned fries, Wendy's frosty...


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