Friday, March 16, 2012

{Happy Friday}

At the beginning of the week I thought everyone was so silly for blaming daylight saving for their sleepiness. I mean it was one hour! Well the last couple days I've been craving a nap like whoa, but you know what it could also be? A.'s new job! He started a week ago and even though I stay home and work, I have to get used to his new schedule, too. Him hitting snooze on the alarm at least five times before finally getting up in the morning has left me feeling sooo sleepy.

Is anyone doing anything fun for St. Patrick's Day? Tomorrow I'll be meeting someone new at a local café, having a Sunday brunch over crêpes, and then judging a mac and cheese smackdown. After that I'll be packing for a weeklong visit with a dear friend out in Connecticut. I can't wait to leave the city for a while, girl talk, and get some creative work done without distractions. It'll be like a mini retreat for two!

Here are some links I loved from around the web:

Gold leaf manicure.

An avocado pie for St. Patrick's Day (but it tastes lemony!)

Wouldn't you love to sleep inside this hammock tent in a tree?

Pantone tarts that barely look real. (via Design Crush)

Just the photos of these happy notes make me smile.

The cutest little cloud animation.

Easy art.

Aaand now I want to buy a bike.

Two ways to think about nothing.

Architect David Rockwell on his theatrical designs and influences.

Have you ever tried vlogging? Then check out Mayi Carles' Vlogging 101 series.

Make time for fun with this free calendar + sticker printable.

Nest cupcakes with tiny chocolate eggs. (via Craft)

I tried sweet tea vodka with another new friend this week and it was actually good! Here are some recipes.

Image: Costa Nova, Aveiro, Portugal by Dacian Groza


  1. Why do I find out you're going to CT for a week via your blog? Next time, when you hit me up for a recipe, throw that little bit of info in there too! Um. P.S. I'm flying out to Albion, NY next Friday with 1, 2, and 7 yr old to visit their Birth Mom.

    1. Cause I hadn't really told anyone. I just told the parentals when I saw them this afternoon. Was just going to head out and that's it :p

      And how long are you going for? Are you going alone or with a partner? Is this the first time they're seeing her in a long time?

  2. Ah porque tu te gobiernas?! What friend you visiting??

    I'm going for the day- early morning flight, evening return. I'm going with my coworker friend who recently became my supervisor, and someone from ACS may be there as well. The babies saw her a few months ago, the 7 yr old has not seen her since she was taken into custody over the summer.

  3. Nope, not doing anything fuun for St Patrick's Day; I bearly acknowledge it to be honest. Have fun with all you're doing though, and with your time with your friend!

  4. Hi there, I love your blog! I just started my own:
    Please check it out! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  5. You always do such interesting things - mac and cheese judging? Huh?


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