Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{Nesting} Café Au Lait Bowls

Ever since my Souvenir Foto School classmate Intertwyned shared her collection of café au lait bowls with us, I haven't been able to get them out of my mind. They're so cheerful I'd love to start my mornings holding them between my fingertips. This selection made me want to nix a solid set in favor of creating one made from all different colors and styles and once I stumbled upon this ridiculous closet full of bowls I immediately started searching to begin a collection of my own. I can't return to Paris quite yet, but a girl can dream while she tears off pieces of her croissant and dunks them into a tiny bowl of hot chocolate.

1. Anthropologie Latte Bowls, $30 for six,
2. French Café au Lait Bowls, $28 for two,
3. Suchard Café au Lait Bowl, $18,
4. Bistro de Paris Café au Lait Bowls, $34 for four,
5. Cote Bastide Small Bowl, $46,
6. Curate and Love Antique French Café au Lait Bowl, $42,
7. Apilco Café au Lait Bowls, $76 for four,
8. Pillivuyt Café au Lait Coffee Bowl, $26,
9. Campagne Plaid Red Café au Lait Bowl, $13,

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  1. This year I have developed an obsession with bowls (my fave are the west elm stripe + pattern lovelies) ... and I am pretty sure I can blame beautiful italy for it. Hubby and I rented an apt in rome and every am we would have a HUGE coffee cup (size of a bowl) out in the balcony of our penthouse. Huge for a coffee cup, but small for a cereal bowl - just perfect! Oooooh, how I miss the view. Never been to Paris, yet it's on my list :)

    1. Renting an apartment in Rome sounds dreamy! We stayed at an Airbnb spot in Paris and the guy ended up leaving it to us while he went to a conference in Switzerland. Best stay ever, it was like living in Montmartre for a few days.

  2. I have #1 in the lime green color. Bought them at Home Goods. I love Home Goods.... Brand name items sold for cheaper!

    1. I'm going to have to pay you a little visit for some sisterly borrowing. You know the kind. The one where one sister lends you something and then you fail to return it for 3+ months...


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