Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Eric Cahan Sky Series + Murray Fredericks Salt Series

I have a thing for photos of the sky so stumbling upon Eric Cahan's Sky Series this morning was such a beautiful surprise. The project captures sunrises or sunsets at various points throughout the world for a gorgeous color study on light and space. Can you believe how varied and deeply saturated the sky can become? It's as if the sky completely gives its entire being into whichever outfit it decides to wear at that moment.
Cahan's work also brought to mind Murray Fredericks' project on the vast nothingness surrounding Lake Eyre. The Australian photographer spent seven years photographing the featureless surface of the typically dry salt pan in the Australian Outbacks, which was later turned into a documentary titled Salt. In many of his scenes, land and sky would almost merge as one were it not for the thin horizon line signifying the end of one and the beginning of the other.

Images: ericcahan.com and ngm.nationalgeographic.com


  1. It took me reading the whole post to realize that those were actual photographs. The colors are so vibrant I had no idea they were real!

  2. Those colors just make me happy.

    1. Same here. I wish I could see skies like these every single day.


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