Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Morning Affection

I love morning kisses and groggy affection. It's probably because my brain hasn't started going haywire yet that I can just relax more easily and tune out the distractions. A.'s usually uncomfortable with his morning breath and overall crustiness and while I agree that sometimes you just don't want to be sexy when it feels like something died in your mouth, I couldn't care less. My face will nuzzle right into his neck and I'll slowly wake him up with kisses until he responds. In the off chance that he's conscious before I am, his touch is a better wake-up call than any alarm could ever be. I'm lucky that I work from home and therefore can't truly be late to work, but the poor guy is often left rushing out the door to get to the office in time.

What about you guys? Do invisible walls come up until everyone's fresh and clean or do you go right for it before you've even fully woken up? I might not French him pre-brushing, but sharing some love first thing in the morning is a fun start to the day. Also fun: spontaneously doing the same at some ridiculous hour in the night.

Image: lefurcoat.blogspot.com


  1. Morning, afternoon, some time in the night... It's all good! ;)

  2. This stopped short of where I thought this was going.

  3. ...wonders where A. thought this was going....



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