Thursday, April 26, 2012

{Wanderlust} The People You Meet

I've just returned from five fun days of exploring San Antonio once again and taking in the city's Fiesta celebration. Whenever I go away on these group trips, the best part is clicking with other world travelers and writers, talking about countries and experiences, all the items we've crossed off our bucket list, and the places we're heading to next. For me, it'll be Alabama's Gulf Coast next week.

It's almost sad to think about how you bond over margaritas, cooking classes, and karaoke with complete strangers and share such wonderful memories for a short time only to arrive at the end of the trip and have everyone fly back to their corner of the world. I'm often left wondering if I'll ever cross paths with some of them again or if we're all just here to serve a short purpose before moving on to our next destination.

Do you make an effort to stay in touch with and meet people during your travels? I was painfully shy about talking to others during our travels through Europe, but when I flew to Thailand, I had no trouble making friends on my own. I figured I was already acting bold and no one knew me so it was the perfect time to break out of my shell a bit. Plus, everyone was so friendly it was hard to resist a genuine smile and a warm hello. That's all it takes, isn't it?

P.S. Browse through my travel tweets for a small preview (photos included!) of my trip to San Antonio.


  1. I don't go out of my way to make friends, but if I found myself getting pally with someone then I'd make the effort to stay in touch afterwards.

  2. With facebook I find it easier to keep in touch with those that otherwise I may not have had a chance to. I hope you enjoyed the Fiesta! It gets wild in San Antonio during that time! Have fun in Alabama. The beaches there are really pretty, much nicer than the portion of the coastline that we have here!


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