Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oh My! Handmade Guide to Businessy Goodness

I totally understand the value of hard work, sweat, and tears it takes to get a creative business off the ground, but raise your hand if you agree it'd be so much nicer if someone who knew the ropes pointed us in the right direction? Well a whole group of entrepreneurs who've paved their way to biz success have been gathered in the Oh My! Handmade Guide to Businessy Goodness. The 68-page digital book features articles on marketing, building a brand, and navigating obstacles along with links, printables, and motivational quotes. There are also relevant resources and advertisers to look into once you're ready to launch. I bought my copy last week (you can name your own price!) and though I wish there were more worksheets and planners included, I quickly dove into the list of companies that provide web development, printing and design services, and business coaching. So helpful!

Image: ohmyhandmade.com

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