Thursday, May 10, 2012

{Wanderlust} Time is Nothing

Stories like Kien Lam's make me happy. After quitting his job, he bought a one-way ticket to London and proceeded to photograph and record all the places and people he came across during his 343-day journey around the world. The result: Time is Nothing, a beautiful time lapse made from 6237 photographs taken through 17 different countries.

Usually back-to-back travels leave me feeling weary and it takes me a bit to recuperate from early morning flights and dragging around luggage through airport labyrinths, but during lunch after my arrival from Alabama on Sunday, I found myself asking A. if he'd move to Paris with me in the next year or so. (The answer is yes, but contingent on us being able to financially sustain our life out there and get our long stay visas approved. I could continue freelancing, but he'd need a job.) We'll see if this actually happens (fingers crossed!), but I've already checked the requirements and am working to save up for that goal.

I like to have all my duckies in a row and take my time mulling over every detail before pulling the trigger, which could very well have me shooting for Paris 2014. A., on the other hand, is very much the "F--k it, let's do it now!" type. I mean the man did visit NYC on an August and then wound up deciding to move, sell his car, pack his things, and move to the city (without a job or a place to live) in just four months. I'm not that crazy, but there's definitely an appeal to living life that boldly.


  1. I'm a firm believer in reaching for your dreams with both hands and hoping for the best.

    If I hadn't, I never would have met my hubby and married him. And I never would have gotten my first e-book published (OK, haven't sold many, but I can say I'm published, so that's what counts).

    By the way, did you know I have a giveaway going on at my blog until the end of the month?

  2. great! the video reminds me somehow of the spirit of 2 books I love - Vagabonding by Rolf Potts and $ Hour Work Week by T. Ferriss. Thanks for the inspiration, Dorkys


  3. I often wish I had the nerve to pack up and move, but the financials of it freak me out. I remember A telling us that story and Gabe and I thought it was awesome that he would just follow his desire to move to NYC and figure out everything along the way! And he knows NYC so well now!

    Oh BTW Gabe and I were watching that movie New Year's Eve last night and decided to book a trip to the city for the ball drop! So if you are home then we must get together. Hmmm maybe I can be spontaneous! LOL!

    Paris would be so beautiful! What a new life you would make there!


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