Friday, June 15, 2012

{Happy Friday} and Happy Father's Day!

Oh to be a parent...

So after spending the day with Dad and then hopping on a gypsy cab back home last night, the man freaked me out when he just showed up at my apartment around midnight. Apparently he got really worried when I didn't call to say I got home okay and when roughly 10 calls from him and my sister went unanswered he drove over to make sure I was fine. See, I had left my cell phone in the living room and went straight to sleep until the doorbell woke me up. Then when I refused to open the door because I wasn't expecting anyone at that time, I heard the door opening and thought someone was breaking in!

After making sure there wasn't a family emergency since he's never pulled such a move before, I felt so bad that he came all this way just to make sure I'd made it in safely and super touched that he'd go through all that effort. "I wouldn't have been able to sleep if I didn't go and check," he told me this morning. "And your mind just goes to worst-case scenarios when you have no information." Well at least now I know my body won't be rotting for too long if I die in here alone because at least one person will be that worried if he doesn't hear from me.

Happy Father's Day to all the pops out there and I hope you guys have a beautiful weekend.

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  1. Maybe now you'll answer your phone more often. You just never know. Hey did you get the live dub proposal from me? I saw it weeks ago and melted, so cute!

    1. I know, I'm sorry! I was all kinds of disoriented and worried when he came over. Ay ombe :/

      And I saw the proposal video after someone else posted it on Facebook. Isn't it so sweet? And they've got some well-coordinated friends and family. You imagine Mom and Dad trying to pull off those moves while lip-synching in English? And without Dad's phone ringing in the middle of the song or Mom giving him the evil eye? What a beautiful disaster.

    2. It was so cute! And the fact that his friends & family went out of their way to participate, <3 But this would not fly with our family lol

  2. This is why I wont do as hubby suggests when I'm getting fed up of the phone ringing and turn it off or ignore it.

  3. LOL you're dad is too cute.


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