Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hello, Summer

Holy jeebus has it been HOT up in this city. Today it almost felt like 100˚ F and I had the total misfortune of having to walk around more that I cared for. A.'s been wanting to sunbathe in Central Park and play catch and Frisbee in this wretched heat while my black behind has wanted to do nothing but sit in the shade and eat frozen yogurt by the sidewalk. A favorite, 16 Handles, has self-serve selections and yummy toppings that I could very well eat alone. I was hoping Strawberry Lemonade was still on the menu when I swung by on Monday, but had to settle for Raspberry Pomegranate with mango bits, lychee, cherries, and gummy bears instead. #FirstWorldProblems

How have you guys been keeping cool this week? Honestly, it's taken everything in me not to strip and hog a playground sprinkler these days.

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  1. Not really a big issue here; the sea breeze is keeping the heat to a comfortable level, and the sea often brings rain storms to keep moisture in the air.


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