Thursday, September 13, 2012

As Summer Slowly Gives Way to the Chill

Can you believe there's just a little over a week left in the summer season? Last weekend, I invited friends over to Central Park for one more picnic before the weather turned chilly and despite the rain (and a tornado!) that passed through the city in the days preceding it, Sunday could not have been more perfect for the event.

Even though I'm not thrilled by the impending cold, I'm happy about all that I packed into the last few months. I traveled to new places with friends, saw parts of the country that made my heart dance it was so beautiful, got acquainted with my Kindle, danced through summer concerts, stumbled and fell over and over only to crawl my way back to forgiving arms, and now I actually find myself eager to discover what will happen next. There are a few things swirling through the air and I'm trying oh so hard to be patient and waiting to see what adventurous stories the upcoming chapters will tell.

What did you squeeze into your summer? Are you looking forward to the cozy, chilly wrap-me-up-in-a-sweater days?


  1. SO not looking forward to cold weather. While this summer was a little too hot, I'd take that over cold any day.

    1. Same here. The cold just makes me want to hibernate and put no effort into getting dolled up to do anything.


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