Monday, September 17, 2012

{Monday Inspiration} Keep Your Face Towards the Sunshine

Why are we so compelled to share negativity? Think about it. When someone cuts you off in traffic, a stranger pushes past you, or a friend does you dirty, how many times do you go, "Ugh! Can you believe what this idiot just did to me? Wait until I tell so-and-so about what just happened." Even the reviews section of most sites show that many times it's the ones with something to gripe about that'll take the time to share their experience with others (which is why I've yet to settle on a salon for a needed haircut. I'm terrified!).

During a recent bus ride home, a woman spent most of the journey on the phone telling a friend about an earlier confrontation with a stranger. Annoyance over her sweeping generalizations about Dominicans aside, I wondered why she was spending so much energy not only dwelling on an argument with someone she'll never see again, but also sharing it with someone who wasn't even there. Was she looking to rile them up and receive validation for how she handled herself? Who knows, but I was getting exhausted just having to hear about it all the way home.

And yet I'm the same way. I let negative parts of the day, experience, or people take up much too much mind space and then in a subconscious mission to rope people into the misery, I share those bits with others. It's not that some events don't warrant attention especially if you really need help sorting those feelings out, but the insignificant ones should really be brushed off your shoulder and not given more thought than necessary. Surely there are bigger things that merit your time and energy and happier moments that could stand to be savored - like the cute baby that actually responded to your silly faces with a smile, arriving at your transfer point just as your second train is pulling in, or taking a sip from your cup to discover that the barrista finally got your order right. Why can't we share those snippets instead?

So tell me, what little things made your day a wee bit happier today?



  1. Today I had a really good conversation with my mother about future plans that made me feel happy, hopeful, and encouraged.

  2. You know, I hadn't really thought about it much before, but this is a really good point. Often when something irritating happens, I end up holding onto it because I think it'll make a good story or I'll pick up my phone and tweet it instead of just letting it go.

    Today, my day was made a little bit brighter when my cat curled up in my lap for snuggles this morning. :)

    1. So true. The writer in me tends to think it'd make a good story or a blog post, but sometimes it just adds more muck than anything. So sweet about your cat; I'm sure it was a comforting and cozy moment for the both of you!

  3. I helped someone find a photo of his great-grandfather on the Internet. They were thrilled and then I was thrilled. :)


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