Monday, September 24, 2012

Whoosh! And Fall

I love how ideas can sometimes just pour in out of nowhere. That's how it's been the last few days and I'm so excited about these projects that I almost want time to fly by like whoosh! so I can present the final results already. I'm so impatient especially since they're going to take a bit of time to piece together and quite some work before I have anything to show. Work, work, work. Funny how it all feels like play when it's something you're absolutely thrilled about.

So how was your first fall weekend? Mine was spent indoors doing some mental tinkering and planning. I can't wait until the leaves have crisped over and would love to finally go apple picking in the coming month or spend a weekend at a New England bed and breakfast. And for some reason now that the chilly evenings have returned, I've been wanting to make some homemade caramel sauce to heat up and drip over vanilla ice cream or dip apple slices into. What is it about autumn that makes me want to be all cozy and domestic?



  1. the beginning of Fall makes me sick, every year! coughing and sneezing right about now :/

  2. You know there is an farm right by my house right? So come visit so we can go apple picking :)

  3. My first Fall weekend was spent wondering when, if ever, the Fall weather will arrive in Southern California.

    (Yes, it DOES exist.)

  4. I absolutely can't wait to hear more about these projects you're working on! My problem is that I wish the work would whoosh by too, but the best things take time, right?


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